Promoting startups, selecting venture capital, angel investment, childcare, mentoring, market research for global advancement, feasibility of entry, establishment of local corporation, and marketing support

Office Space

It provides professional services such as providing office for startups and technology companies, operating educational programs, and supporting administrative affairs, making it easier to start a business.

Service Partner

Startups and technology companies are working with ALClub to help them work more closely with various partnerships, including incubators, governments and tenant companies. Founders can utilize technology ideas to gain various experiences on start-up.

Executives in Residence

Expert support for practical advice and cooperation on specialized technology areas. It supports a series of processes such as technology development, marketing and promotion, export, IPO or M & A from start-up such as related field engineers, executives, patent attorneys, investment experts and marketing experts.
Executives in Residence

Event Space

Space support for events in Korea and USA. Supports conference rooms, meeting rooms, catering, etc. with the latest equipment. Event Space

University partners

Cooperate closely with Korean and international universities to support start-up companies’ success.
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Platforms for New Opportunities

The ALClub platform runs a 12-week program in Seoul. 15 to 20 start-up companies in each sector will focus on developing the technology that defines that sector. Start-up companies embraced by the platform in ICT, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR / AR, are appropriately chosen by ALClub, business partners and industry experts.

Internet of Things

Our Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables future-oriented enterprises, VCs and start-up companies to collaborate.The results of the 12-week program will include pilots, investments, licenses and powerful skills.

Fintech & Security

We have created an ecosystem from financial and security companies to early start-ups.

Everyone in our ecosystem is influencing today’s financial services industry.

 Brand & Retail

In the retail business, the innovation platform is an innovative platform that connects new technologies to brands, retailers and CPGs.

Media & Mobile

This is why our platform connects media companies with start-up companies that form a modern, media and mobile environment.


A platform to find advanced, user-friendly and progressive health technologies in the global marketplace.

Join us as an industry-leading partners.

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With ALClub, we invest in next-generation technology companies …

ALClub creates a win-win solution for VC and individual investors to succeed together in the most exciting start-up community.


Through ALClub, you can invest in start-up companies at various stages and you can see a wider area. That’s why ALClub invests a lot of time each year analyzing a number of start-up companies. ALClub is engaged in the business of finding the best opportunity.

AlClub wants to see the start-up success together. So I respect the enthusiastic founder. ALClub believes that these are the only ones who have the imagination to make a successful start-up company.

ALClub has VC partners in Korea and the United States and also has more Angel networks to invest in great ideas. Join ALClub with your start-up corporate pool.

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